Monday, 1 May 2017

Calcium and vitamin D

salam mera nam hai imran mein app ko yaha app k health k bare shai se batao ga jo asaan bhi ho aur app ki sait k liye acha bhi ho,app k man me koi bhi sawal ho app poche sakte ho health k bare me

Today the disease is spreading very often and they are lack of calcium and vitamin D. What is the reason so many cases that it began consideration. If you go back some rare cases met while Why are decreasing. Those cuts did not do that so often today? As if the sun was already providing the vitamins. Yes, it is definitely possible that dairy calcium deficiency caused by non pure. But it is also derived that the pure milk of notes, or lack of calcium found in your animal use mixtures of milk. But why??

Calcium and vitamin D

After a study found that the total Some foods and disease is growing because of our lifestyle. Pepsi, Coke and others like sour drinks etc are some of the chemical resistance of calcium and vitamin d resistance
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The calcium and vitamin D prevent it from becoming part of the body and they are cast out from the body the same way braylr chicken was it about this researc
It is an excessive amount of the arsenic that is open to cancer. Do not be so chicken heart attack or stop the movement of the heart is given to large amounts of chicken. High levels of arsenic in chicken
When the human body is the body of arsenic poisoning because life never ends, but whether it is rich or dead. Research shows that even the earth, water and other goods

If you use someone else's house. Avoid the weddings there and all the good you wish to say that our nmku, lease, slanty, noodles, Kanwar kyubzaur is still until we reach the different spice results. Some doctors said vitamin D in the body, but the body does not always accept that the reason is that vitamin D prevents arsenic from becoming part of the body. Because vitamin D deficiency to be working in the sun or the sun is a wonderful thing.